Humalog 300iu

Humalog 300iu

Humalog Insulin Cartridge 300iu

Fast insulin available, most use this or long acting insulin lantus, this is more commonly used as it enters the blood quick and spikes insulin and leaves within 2.5/3 hours, therefore preventing any issues with sleeping (hypo) and "gaining fat" as its out within 3 hours. Most users stick with 5-10iu post workout, immediately consume 50-90g of vitargo/glycofuse/cyclic dextrin with creatine/leucine/glutamine/bcaa/taurine. 45 minutes after the shot, can have a carb/protein meal preferably medium gi and above/simple carbs ideally with low or no fat. Then 60-90 minutes later, the insulin will peak again, when users would have again ideally solid whole foods not a shake of medium/high gi carbs and protein with minimal or no fat.

Expiry is 2021 onwards

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