Pharmacom Labs Steroids

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Pharmacom Test E 300

Pharmacom Labs Test E 300Each 1ml contains:300mg of Testosterone Enanthate..


Pharmacom Nan D300

Pharmacom Labs Nan D300Each 1ml contains:300mg of Nandrolone Decanote..


Pharmacom Pharma Mix 2 250mg

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 2Each 1ml contains:75mg of Testosterone Phenylpropionate75mg of Trenbolone..


Pharmacom Pharma Mix 3 500mg

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 500mgEach 1ml contains:200mg of Test E200mg of Deca100mg of Tren EWARNIN..


Pharma Prim 100

Pharmacom PrimoEach 1ml contains:100mg of Methonolone Enanthate Available in amp and 10ml vial formP..


Pharma Prim 200

Pharmacom PrimoEach 1ml contains:200mg of Methonolone EnanthateAvailable in amp and 10ml vial formPh..