PRYZM LABS - new lab - expect it to be overdosed as it wants to make a big impression with 2020 around the corner

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PRYZM Anavar 25mg

PRYZM ANAVAR 25MGAlso known originally as SAS Anavar 25mgEach tub contains 100 tabUsers take 4 tabs ..


PRYZM Tbol 25mg

SAS Turinabol 25mg Under new label and design of Pryzm TurinabolEach tub contains 100 tabs Users tak..


PRYZM Winstrol 25mg

PRYZM Winstrol 25mg Formerly SAS Winstrol 25mgEach tub contains 100 tabs ..


PRYZM Anadrol 50mg

PRYZM ANADROL 50MGFormerly SAS OXY 50mgEach tub contains 60 tab..


PRYZM Dianabol 25mg

PRYZM Dianabol 25mgEach tub contains 100 tabs Users take 3 tabs pre workout for optimum pump..