Ansomone 40iu HGH Kit

Ansomone 40iu HGH Kit

Buy Ankebio Ansomone 40iu Online from the UK

Many clients compare the 40iu version of anso to gentropin, serum tests have shown that 4iu of anso exhibited high growth and igf levels than 3.6iu of genotropin. Don't be fooled by ansomone being sold cheap, if its too good to be true, it most likely is, anso are very difficult to come by, at moment we are only selling 2 at a time.

This is 191aa amino acid like pharmaceutical, hygetropin is 192aa amino acid

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10 vials of 10iu/3.3mg, each vial is boxed with a leaflet and 2ml amp of bacteriostatic water

Users take at 4iu a day over 5 or 7 days, stacked with testosterone enanthate/cypionate or tri test and proviron.

If purchasing hgh - email -

5 or more at 105gbp

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