Elixir IGF-1 Long R3 100mcg

Elixir IGF-1 Long R3 100mcg

Elixir IGF1 LONG R3 100mcg

Each box contains 10 vials

Each vial contains 100mcg of IGF-1

Most users will inject with a insulin syringe/29g needle, 50mcg post workout each opposing muscle trained or 50mcg only for lagging muscle(s) - does not have to be both sides if one is poorer than the other side of muscle.

Please assess your tolerance, some users start off at 40mcg, some have plenty of water and sugars beside them.

*****Elixir have collaborated with HygenePharma to create Elixir's IGF-1.

This product is manufactured by HygenePharma and verifies as a legitimate product only on their official website:


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