Replica Hygetropin Black Top 100iu £75

Replica Hygetropin Black Top 100iu £75

Buy Hygetropin Black Tops 100iu Online UK 

These wil be given or the green tops whichever is in stock

If prefer other quality hgh, opt for our ansomone 100iu or pfizer genotropin 36iu

Take Hygetropin at 5iu a day, 5 days a week = 25iu
4 weeks = 100iu

You take 2 days off in the week, not consecutive, so a tuesday and a thursday for instance.

Some users stay on 7 days a week, 365 a year

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Dont forget to stack with - testosterone, t3/t4, proviron

Majority of our customers are advised to take this upon waking, 5iu with t3/t4 empty stomach with glutamine then after 20-30minutes their breakfast with bcaa and caffeine 200mg. Some ask about splitting doses up, in our eyes its only worth doing so if the dose is above 10iu and you are looking for specific goals i.e. muscle building or fat blasting over overall long term gain. 

Most common question we get asked is how much for 6 months of growth? Among the hundreds of questions we get asked for different products, this is by far the most silly question. Dose, user dependant and goals and will we know without you telling us? Cut long story short, 1 kit of 100iu at 5iu a day will last 4 weeks / 1 month. 5iu a day for 5 days a week is 25iu and four weeks is 100iu. You can do 7 days a week of growth but we advise 5 days on and 2 days off. The off days must not be consecutive, they should be tuesday and thursday or sunday and tuesday or monday and thursday etc. Time off growth allows for natural distribution of growth hormone.

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