Merck Serono Saizen 8mg 24iu

Merck Serono Saizen 8mg 24iu

Merck Serono Saizen 8mg 24iu Click Easy

Upon payment, product will be despatched after 5-7 working days. ***PRE-ORDER

Contains 1 vial of HGH powder at the base of the pen, with the chamber in the middle of the pen and the pusher at the top of the pen

Each box comes with clear english instructions with images, with a step-by-step guide how to mix the powder and inject into the desired location (sub-q)

This is pharmaceutical grade hgh and it is renowned worldwide and prescribed in the UK to patients for use by clinics or hospitals in cartridge form where they administer for you and the brand used is the same....Merck Serono Saizen 36iu cartridge as it costs the private/public sector less to use a cartridge over a pen form in 24iu 

Is this better than Pfizer Genotropin 36iu? No, no pharmaceutical is better than another as they are the same in content.....24iu of Merck Serono Saizen is the same as Pfizer Genotropin 24iu content. It is like measuring which is heavier - one tonne of steel versus one tonne of paper.....not measurably. Though from opinions heard, some people say Pfizer is better than Norditropin which we are inclined to agree to, but that is each persons reaction to growth and there are external factors at the time which can affect gains (fat loss / tingly sensations / drowsiness) such as conjuction with anabolics / fat burners or general mood (depressed / stressed / happy). Overall, brand name sells and Pfizer Genotropin is the gold standard of growth hormones but it comes with a price tag....however we are doing at £150 cheapest online on single unit pens....similar here where every other website is charging £175+ on Merck Serono Saizen 8mg / 24iu we are set flat at our rate

We usually have stock set but at times we aren't released that many items due to our dispenser. We can take payment for a single pen, and if you are happy to wait 7 working days we will have it despatched. If you email us, we will tell you how many are in stock and how long it will take for more to come in and what date we can send them to you.....upon sending it can take 1-2 working days.

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